Here are a few images of the BANDAI NAMCO Annual Report. I'm using a concept based on the Gundam Wing Series. The AR will have the look and feel of a Gundam Pilot taking the reader on a trip through the experience of being a Gundam.
The start of the graph concept.
A close up of one of the Gundam suits. The Gundam will have the graphs inside like power bars on the suit. 
Here is a Gundams arm that will be used in the AR. It will be unfinished in the actual AR to symbolize the progress they will have in the next year. Somewhat like, "what's to come."
I will make this the diagram or blue print of a Gundam suit. The only exception is instead of listing the parts of the suit I will be listing the parts and abilities of the company. This will be my way of tying in the Gundam diagram or make up of the suite.
Here is the first development of the color concept for the Gundam Suit.
A screen shot of the Gundam suit on the left. I still want to make a few more color changes but for now this should be sufficient to move into the next phase.
A closer shot of the 1st Gundam colored. A few more things to do but you get the "picture." lol
This is the font and back cover of the BANDAI NAMCO AR.
The table of contents has the eye of the Gundam Pilot. It goes from the concept page inside to the eye of the pilot tying to the table of contents which tells the inside of the AR. Makes sense right?
We now go from the inside of the pilots eye to the visor screen what he sees in the cockpit. There is nothing in space now because he destroyed the battleship. This also is the page in the AR where they explain their "VISION" and "MISSION." See how that ties in the Gundam pilots vision screen and visor? This is how the rest of the AR will flow once I finish the rest of the report. Hope you all enjoy the process!!!
The document will be printed on a larger sheet of paper. Each sheet will have two spreads on each side. I will cut them down and sew them together as signatures. This document was setup for a text print.
I have to make a few changes but here is a test print of one of my favorite information graphics spread.
This is a financial highlight section. I'll have to play around with the numbers a little more. I'll try a heavier type or use bold for the numbers. For me this AR's focus is on the conceptual side rather than the readability. I will still find a happy medium between the two.
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